Rock Spreading

  • Rock Spreading

Do you have a bare dirt yard that looks unsightly? We can help! Did you know, it is actually against city code to have a dirt front yard in many cities, Glendale being one of them. Don’t risk a ticket, let us come fix it. We can deliver and spread rock in your front or backyard! While we are at it, we can remove any bushes, trees, weeds, or junk that has built up too!


Adding rock to a yard in Mesa! She was tired of the rains making her yard muddy so she had us pick up the rock, deliver it to her, & we spread it in her yard! We also removed some concrete for her while we were there. This is why we are your one stop shop!


Adding rock to a yard in Glendale! We removed all of the junk & weeds first, leveled out the ground, and then added rock to the middle & mulch to the sides. Looks much better!