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We are a family-owned, small business operating out of Glendale, Arizona. We decided to start this business when we realized something.

There are not many certainties in life, but you know what is certain? TRASH! Everybody has it, so let us get rid of it! There have been so many times where we have just been driving and see trash littered all alongside the road and on the sides of highways! We want to try to eliminate this as much as possible by becoming a company that people can rely on to not only quickly remove their junk, but to dispose of it properly as well!

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Junk Removal


Rock Removal


Yard Work


Light Demo


Construction Waste Removal


Rock Spreading


Dirt Removal & Leveling

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paul schaaf
Raul's hauling came and removed all the excess dirt left from my property perimeter wall installation, plus at least 30+ tons of terrible quarter minus gravel that tracked everywhere, leveled my entire property out nicely, graded my side yard for proper drainage and prepared the whole property for new landscaping and gravel install. Including lowering 3 ft wide around all the walkway, patio and driveway edges by a couple inches so the new gravel would be contained and not spill or track onto all the hard surfaces. No joke, I used to be able to walk up the the edge of what was supposed to be a 6 1/2ft high perimeter wall and peer over the top standing flat foot. I'm 5 10. All gone. It had to be at least 50 tons of removal. He showed up 4 days after I called him, and worked the entire week plus a day until it was done. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks Raul!
Mary Bryant
He cleaned all the dirt, Palm tree, bricks from the bottom of my pool. Hauled all away and cleaned everything up. Very pleased
James Clancy
Very quick and on time!
matt mahle
He came and removed my concrete patio and did a great job. Very professional and would definitely use him again
Jess ASL Interpreter
Raul responded to my inquiry right away (and on a weekend), had clear communication and came within 30 hours of my request to completely demo and remove an old hottub. He even swept up the entire area. I’ll definitely use his services again when needed. 10/10!!
Jeff Bermont
Very efficient, hard workers, nice and friendly. I love it when a small business gets the work instead of big companies
Alex Duarte
I 100% would always recommend this company they were fast and professional and friendly
Ignacio Martinez
Great job! I will recommend your services to others
Jim Nelson
Wonderful Prompt. Friendly. Stuck.with quote. If magical was a junk moving term. I'd use it.
Amber Crase
Fast scheduling and super quick removal of our old water heater. Will use again!