Dirt Removal & Leveling

  • Dirt Removal & Leveling

Got a pile of dirt you need removed?
We can do that too & level out your yard!

We do dirt removal & leveling in Phoenix/Glendale & surrounding cities. If you have some uneven ground you need leveled out, contact us! Especially when it starts raining, many yards have been built poorly where yards are sloped towards the house causing the water to run directly to the foundation. We can get all of that uneven dirt out of there to help with drainage!


Dirt removal in Phoenix!


This yard in Phoenix was extremely sloped and they needed it leveled in order to put a playground set in. We were able to level out all of the dirt and put up a wooden barrier for their playset!


Removed this massive pile of dirt in Casa Grande! She was facing HOA fines if it wasn’t disposed of ASAP. Luckily, we were available the next day!